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Zato Ichi
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Re: Competition in Aikido

Bronson Diffin wrote:
Quick question for the Shodokan folks. In the Shodokan system can you rise in rank strictly from winning in shiai?
Not directly - but there was one guy who did his nidan after about one year, which is almost unheard of (to be fair, he was really good). Basicly, he was going to be leaving Japan soon after the All Kansai Tournement, and he wanted to test for nidan. Nariyama Shihan basically told him okay - if he won the individual men's tanto randori shiai. Which he did, so he was allowed to test for nidan and passed.

I suppose by performing well in shiai, you might be considered for testing early, but if you can't perform technically, you'll never get graded.

Take a look at the grading syllabus to get a better grasp of what's needed for dan grading: tanto randori doesn't appear in the syllabus until nidan, and toshu randori never appears. Unfortunately.
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