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Mike Sigman
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Re: Where's the hara?

Rob Liberti wrote:
Well, the physical center is not interesting to me. When people say move from center, they mean the second definition you were refering to. If anything, on the physical side, the center of your movement would be where your legs attach to the trunk of your body.
Well, the body's fascial sheets are considered the connection that holds the body together and they meet, according to the Ki/Qi paradigm, in the middle of the body... that's where you want to control from. Some extended theories of these controls put the actual joining-together of these control sheets at the perineum or even the anus, in some schools of thought. But we're beginning to get into some areas of movement that are too complex for the written word.
About Taiso, i.e., Exercises, Rob wrote:
Can you elaborate on "sayu undo" and "Aiki-taiso"? I am not overly familiar to those terms and I suspect I have alternative terms for their concepts.
Taiso are the various exercises people do, usually for warmup. Mostly I see people do these exercises wrong, too fast, and superficially. They're very important. They're how you practice moving with Kokyu. "Sayu undo" is the one where you sort of swing your arms in a circle so that both hands wind up pointing toward one side, elbows down, and you pretend you're dropping someone down with the elbow/arm off to your side. The whole circle and down drop should be connected to your center and your weight... it's more subtle than it appears, bringing your weight to your hands and arms.


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