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Re: The Real World: How to Reconcile?

One of the lessons here is that, at the risk of raising some hackles, martial arts do not work. It is interesting to consider that at all times you are alive only because someone else is letting you continue to live. During your day many people around you acquire power over your life or death, and in many instances you acquire power over other people's life and death as well. Martial arts seem very ineffective when you consider many of the ways you are likely to die (car accident, cancer, gunpoint). We can still agree that martial arts provides incredible value to each of our lives. I believe people should spend some time focusing on what martial arts has to offer other than personal protection. It is a beginners mistake to believe that budo will allow one to determine one's own destiny. Only by working together and sharing, giving and accepting life and death responsibility with others and then executing your daily actions with moral fortitude can you mitigate the great burden of constant mortal threat. This is why man came together to live in caves in the first place, and why my brothers and sisters come together in the dojo every evening.
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