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Re: Has all the love gone?

David Valadez wrote:
Horse equipment terminology is not really the topic of the thread. Where I am from, the phrase containing the general idea of not seeing things until after a certain point of transformation uses the word "blinders." Hence the question, "Are 'blinkers' like 'blinders'?"
Yes, sorry -- you're quite right, I've led this off-topic, sorry -- blinkers are a synonym for blinders (or the other way around), both turn up as equivalent adjectives, e.g., a "blindered view of aikido". I was just encouraging Stuart to stick with the word which was OK to my British ears. But I will rein in this off-topic diversion, sorry.

I'm also not sure where the status of Aikido's uniqueness comes into play - that seems very off topic to me. Perhaps you could explain the relevance a bit more...?
Right, this brings it back in line with Peter Goldsbury's post -- I infered from the first post that the oft-heard and O-Sensei-attributed "aikido is love" motto suggests that there's something unique about aikido in this way. And I don't think that's the case. Certainly there's an interpretation of aikido that says one should be responsible for the well-being of the attacker, which (excuse me if I'm wrong) is one common way of interpreting the "aikido is love" mantra. But in my own experience I pretty well had this interpretation knocked out of me by Japanese instructors. My point saying "X is love" is pretty vague for any X, aikido included. To be very cynical (excuse me) "X is love" is the kind of thing one would say about anything that actively doesn't hurt someone (our co-operative method of training in aikido is a clear example). Or to put it another way (and what I meant above), is "X is love" is what you'd expect someone to say, since noone is going to claim "X is hate" about anything they're into.

But, as Peter Goldsbury implies, "aikido is love" is a wee bit of an urban myth anyway. Next we'll be hearing that the founder said "aikido is 90% ukemi" <ducks for cover/>

Incidentally I once asked a Japanese shihan where the love was in aikido (after a particularly, uh, "busy" session) and my interpretation of his reply was "in the fellowship of training". i.e., not anywhere in its application. But it's possible that I am projecting my own bias on what I heard then.


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