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Re: Has all the love gone?

Hi Peter,
Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Jun's kanji inputting system seems to have some gaps, thus Japanese speakers and readers might like to use the kana/romaji given to supplenent these gaps.
I believe the moji boke that you're seeing in certain places is due to the forum's "word wrapping" feature that inserts spaces in certain places if a "word" is deemed too long. With long Japanese phrases (which are entered without spaces), this "word wrapping" seems to create moji bake due to Japanese's inherent double-byte system (with Shift-JIS, at least). I've tweaked the configuration a bit; hopefully, things will work a bit better for you now, Peter, in inputting Japanese.

PS: It looks like the preview button will show this same mojibake when wordwrapping, so if you see mojibake when you preview your message, one way to get around it is to (artificially) put in some "returns" (newlines) at strategic locations in your Japanese text so the system doesn't think you're typing in a 100+ character long word. Hope that helps!

-- Jun

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