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Re: Has anyone visited the Hombu Dojo?

Hi all,

After browsing the several threads on the subject here, what I've learned so far about visiting Aikikai Hombu is:
- Daily fee: about 1500 yen plus tax, can visit all classes that day.
- Recommended to bring the membership card and/or a recommendation letter - these may or may not be required to get in.
- There've been precedents (apparently extremely rare) of hombu representatives at the reception insisting on the visitor demonstrating Aikikai affiliation, and refusing a chance to train if such affiliation is not demonstrated to their satisfaction.
- One should not expect them to know names of non-Japanese shihans, so, again, some form of documentation may be helpful.

In addition to the above, I was wondering if anyone had any comments on the following:

- Can one expect the Hombu reception personnel to recognize a USAF yukyusha card?
- Hombu has beginners' classes - what level of training are these for?

Many thanks,
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