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Amir Krause
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Re: Competition in Aikido

Michael Stuempel wrote:
I had a conversation about competition in Judo the other day with an Olympic Judo coach and one of the things that he said that was very interesting is that Judo had to evolve because of competition. It turns out that techniques were brought in from other forms of martial arts that could be used in Judo competition, so not only did Judo competitors need to learn these "newly introduced techniques" but also defenses against them had to be created.

It was an interesting conversation.


I have often heard of the opposite thing - many techniques were removed since they proved too dangerous for competition. Most of these techniques are not being trained at all by most Judo practitioners, since the competition takes the focus of this M.A.

A competition can be used as another teaching method that enhances the study of the M.A. and gives the students another opportunity to learn. Yet, such a measure will always be inferior to learning with several Uke who are better then you and correspond their responses to Tori in a manner that forces you to improve. It is the lack of such Uke at mid-high levels that can be replaced by competition, and then, one must be wary of the competition becoming the focus of the M.A. and hiding everything else.

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