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Re: Competition in Aikido


Medical practitioners test their technique all the time - screw up and you'll know soon enough.

Competition is not a measure of effectiveness but it is a measure of several aspects of effectiveness. Far closer than none at all. I would not read so much into the riot police course - as I understand it it is an option that a few choose to do. The effectiveness of Aikido in their line of work would not actually come from the Aikido training per se but by being put in situations where it could be used - again testing under pressure. They don't dump a rookie too deeply into the brown stuff. At the moment he stopped but my teacher used to teach the Osaka police and I understand they still train Shodokan derived Aikido techniques. I say the same thing in this case. Curiously you can not buy the Shodokan tantos in Budo shops as it is considered reserved for police training but I digress.

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