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Re: Self Realization & Ego Trips

REK,I see by your post that you work with the one group who are perhaps more egotistical than even self-serving politicians.

You'll understand if I don't respond directly to that

Yes, I am aware that those who read this thread who are somehow convinced of their infallibility, will not understand it one bit. However, I do not necessarily chalk that up to their being "Sensei".

Agreed. Positions of power/authority, by definition, attract a certain type. (But not just one type....)

REK, I do not accept that just because a person may seem to be a "victim personality" that soemhow the predator is absolved of behaving responsibly. I know this is not what you probably meant, however, a predator will automatically read it as a justification for being a predator. I am talking about human beings with some level of rationality, not lions and lambs.

It is not what I meant. Congruent with your statement, I hold that a victim's possession of a "victim personality" IS used as justification by most predators. This is the nature of psychopathy and antisocial mental templates, be they owned by sensei, physician, police officer, professor, spiritual guide, etc.

Thanks for the feedback, Richard.


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