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Zato Ichi
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Re: Competition in Aikido

As an avowed ShodoThug, I find it really funny that a lot of my fellow thugs get so bent out of shape when someone attacks competition... as Larry quoteed above:
Tomiki Kenji wrote:
Those who understand, understand perfectly.
Also, think the entire competition thing has been blown out of proportion by the more ignorant: I suspect that a lot of people hear the word competition and get an image of huge, muscle bound jocks with huge egos and tiny brains just itching to get a good, hard clothesline... er... aigamaeate off on the nearest uke.

Okay, in my case that's true, but most shodothugs are more civilized.

Randori geiko is not a major part of training at honbu (bear in mind, this is honbu... other dojo may vary). Hell, it's fairly uncommon when we do kakari geiko or hikitake geiko. There is only one randori class a week, and even then, randori geiko is very rare (and then restricted to the upper grades, usually starting around nikkyu).

But, I suppose, to those adamantly against competition, my point is moo.

Like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter.

It's moo.

(Yes, I've been watching Friends reruns, okay? )
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