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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Mitch Kuntz wrote:
Yeah, I was thinking the other day...doing a successful but less than perfect kotegaeshi on uke actually leaves you open for an arm bar when uke is on their back. I think thats why its vital we bend our knees and not hunch over...although I still hunch over If the arm is in the center and the knees are bent then the arm would probably not be that vulnerable. Uke's legs would then be out of his sphere. Then there is a "nikkyo type pin" for uke's leg...Ouch!
Another option here is to use the bounce reflex to turn Uke over and pin him on his face the instant after his back hits the ground. This pretty much puts his legs out of the equation and you in full control of him from behind his head and above.

My avatar shows a version of this technique.


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