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Has all the love gone?

I have read lots of threads that talk about almost everything Aikido related and I have read some threads that have made me think……..Is Aikido Love?

I saw one where a clip of Aikido was shown in what looked like a club promo (I think, not sure on its original purpose) and it sparked a lot of debate on why, what, who and where and a lot of debate on how poor technique was being done and how bad the standard of Ukemi was. At the time of seeing it, my first thoughts where "glad to see Aikido is being taught" do we concern ourselves so much with the technical side so much that we forget that at least our beautiful art is being taught. Am I any less a Christian because I don't go to pray in a church or I don't lead a life of celibacy? Or is it just good that I follow the way?
O'sensei once said Aikido was love, but were is the love of Aikido? And I am not just talking from a personal perspective but a love of people just doing Aikido.
I have seen people doing unusual Aikido, and I have seen people do Aikido that is alien to me, but inside I am just happy that at least someone is doing Aikido and O'sensei's legacy of an art that leads to a better world is being practiced no matter how correct or incorrect. The intent is there and from that flickering light will grow a fire that will spread.
Sorry if I have bored ppl

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