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Richard Harnack
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Exclamation Self Realization & Ego Trips

REK,I see by your post that you work with the one group who are perhaps more egotistical than even self-serving politicians.

Yes, I am aware that those who read this thread who are somehow convinced of their infallibility, will not understand it one bit. However, I do not necessarily chalk that up to their being "Sensei". I am more likely to think that such people pursue positions of authority and perceived power because they are already convinced they are infallible.

As to my comment about if both the Sensei and the student being the same age and respectful, etc. I said "possibly" this might be okay simply because the Sensei-Student phenomenon may not be any different from the Summer Camp Romance phenomenon. Sometimes relationships are defined by a particular context. Once that context is changed, the relationship may not survive. Two people have to have other interests in one another besides their love of nikkyo. Thus, even when there are some more commonalties between the people involved beyond Aikido, it still may not be proper for them to have a relationship because their interest in one another is of a limited sort.

Of course, if the Sensei is just another sexual predator, then I doubt they have any inkling what a relationship is.

KI is a particular type of power, just as is electricity, light, wind, breathing, etc. With the development of power, strength, ability comes a concomittant duty to exercise such properly and responsibly.

REK, I do not accept that just because a person may seem to be a "victim personality" that soemhow the predator is absolved of behaving responsibly. I know this is not what you probably meant, however, a predator will automatically read it as a justification for being a predator. I am talking about human beings with some level of rationality, not lions and lambs.

From my perspective, at no point should a Sensei get involved with their students in an intimate manner. I also recognize that we sometimes meet people in Aikido with whom we resonate profoundly. However, such resonance is infrequent and if true will allow for the development of a healthy relationship over a period of time. But this is different from jumping into the sack with a student because the "Sensei" wants to.

REK, I realize that I have addressed both your post and "Unregistered". By no means have I confuse yours with theirs.

Yours In Aiki,
Richard Harnack