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Meggy Gurova
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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:

Yep. Several folks may remember the row I got into with Dan Linden over his decision that women had no place in his dojo.
Amazing! Or is that some kind of joke?

I've only 3 kyu and I'm the woman with the highest rank in our dojo. I'm going to move to another city in 6 months and I do everything possible to encourage the women in the dojo to do their best. I always try to tell them how good they are.
I though my teacher really treated me the same way as the men, but now when the 3 men ranked 4 kyu joined the advanced group, he has started throwing them harder than he throws me! And I'm not happy with that! One of these men is the same size as me, so why is he making a difference!!!???
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