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Alvin H. Nagasawa
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Re: Competition in Aikido

IMPO, Competition in Aikido is between your Sempai & Kohai's. There is always a test of ability and ego in any form of MA. The younger and stronger individuals are always testing there abilitys. If they wish to they should do it after there normal class. But one has to weight the libality for there action. If anyone who has gotten hurt or injured. One will suffer the result of there actions while they are in the dojo. This is the reason why Aikido is a non-competetive martial art form. And is practiced or permitted in most dojo's. I'm sure that the founder must have taken this into consideration when lableing it so.
If one wants to compete with the ultamate individual challange yourself. Train your self to be a better person. Learn compassion, Know how to control your emotion. You are the biggest challange to overcome. Start from this point first, before you go and challange anyone else.

Lone Wolf of San Jose
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