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Greg Noble
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Re: Profit Making?

Originally posted by ian
Do you think Aikido should be profit making?
I teach at a local YMCA where they charge quite a bit for our aikido classes. I trying to get them to offer the classes free for Y members minus association dues & testing fees.

Now, on to the real question! The dojo/program should be able to support itself as well as covering the dojo cho time and expenses. If the dojo cho is a full time instructor then yes he should make a good living. And why not? If the instructor has 20 plus years studying aikido its fair to say that he's spent a lot of his own money in tuition, testing fees (4th dan & up..Wow!), seminars/camps, association dues, hosting other sensei, etc.

The question of making a profit from aikido is not a bad thing. It only becomes a problem when you compromise your integrity to make a buck!

Any full time dojo cho have any insight??

Greg Tetsuzan Noble
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