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Marc Kupper
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Re: New Feature: AikiWeb AikiWiki! (trouble in the playground)

Marc Kupper wrote:
Is the playground in a different namespace than aikiwiki? The reason I ask is from the playground I tried to create a link to
[[vocabulary/hidari|left]] but the resulting URL has an extra "wiki" stuck in it.
Thank you to Paul Sanderson-Cimino's comment about subdomains (the post just above this one) I was able to answer my own question. To get from the playground to migi I would use [[vocabulary:hidari]].

I also agree with Paul's comment that there should only be one page about shomen uchi (to use an example) and that the vocabulary and attacks lists would both reference this.

I'm also leaning towards the single domain suggestion. There can be a fair amount of crossover between history and people for example and many of the domains (subdomains?) overlap with vocabulary. One domain would simplify creation of links while not affecting the outer appearance/structure of aikiwiki.

BTW Jun -- I seem to have fixed my aikiwiki access problems by hitting "reset defaults" for most of my Internet Explorer option pages. I must have had something screwed down too tight. I may go back and tighten down the settings as I believe Microsoft is a bit too liberal with just allowing code to runů
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