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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

I think aikido is dissed in the martial arts world because it has a very slow "ramp up" time to become truly proficient in the art.

When I took tae kwon do when younger, I learned to kick and punch, which my young mind associated with strength and effectiveness. These kicks and punches were learned quickly, and "mastered" quickly. I can remember doing axe kicks and spinning back kicks as effectively as black belts when I was a green belt. Yes, I had some inherent talent at these kicks, but nonetheless I was able to "master" them enough to use if needed very quickly.

Aikido is very definitive, very "mental" and very final. The techniques, simply put, end a confrontation because the pins are more absolute. This ability to do these techniques correctly comes at a price. The effectiveness of an aikidoka has a very slow "ramp up" time when compared to other martial arts. It catches up to and suprasses the effectiveness of other arts much later. But if an equally experienced black belt between aikido and other arts were to "spar", my money would be on the aikidoka.

I'd look at the people who say not to waste their time with aikido and realize it is a modern mind behind the statements, set on more instant gratification, sold on the concept of ultra-fitness, and lacking the Wisdom to make the distinction between immediate return and effectiveness.

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