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phil farmer
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Re: To sutemi, or not to sutemi

Ron is partially correct, many of Yoseikan's sutemi waza come from Gyoku Shin Ryu (Spelling in japanese is not my strength) Jiujutsu. Another place to find some of these sutemi is old judo films of Mifune Sensei. Minoru Mochizuki was uchi deshi to Mifune and our reversals and some of the sutemi come from that arena. This discussion is interesting to me because we practice sutemi every workout. Some are done as combinations, others to be a counter, and still others because uke has moved his or her body into the position needed. However, some of these sutemi can be done with multiple attackers because they involve roll outs for tori as part of the throw. In Yoseikan competition sutemi are regularly used with great effectiveness and are often set up with punch and kick combinations. However, and this is important, these techniques are hallmarks for Yoseikan, so we work them a lot, including randori that are sutemi only, from any attack. The inexperienced martial artist needs to be careful, for your own sake and your uke's. They demand control and experience to be done safely. Having said that, in certain self-defense situations, I would not hesitate to use them. They require no energy whatsoever to do and put a tremendous energy into your opponent.

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