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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Roy Dean wrote:
Aikido on the Ground?
In regards to kaiten nage as a defense for a double leg tackle... well, it's possible, but I've never seen it done, and if it were high percentage, then I'm sure MMA fighters would be adding it to the arsenal. Even the spinning backfist has been successfully implemented by fighters (for KO's!)... but kaiten nage as a replacement for the sprawl is something I do not forsee happening soon. But it could.
I've used it to a limited degree of success. If you jam up into your opponent's body it becomes a kind of straight-through kaiten-nage (ie no extravagant 'kaiten'). It also becomes like the standard swimming excerise for the clinch in wrestling. You have to get in deep. The main problem with it is that they're not off balance unless you've lead their shoot in further than they wanted (which is pretty much suicide!) or they're not good at shooting. Give it a go, tell us what you think.

Oh and BTW, I hope it's needless to say, when I do this I'm not aiming to remain standing, but to take the back of their head and harmonize their face with the mat, followed by taking their rear, or rolling over the top for an armbar. If you get in really deep you can sweep their lead leg with your front leg too, and if you drop it tight, you might manage to drop their face on your knee... er, sorry, harmonize your knee with their nose.

It's much lower percentage than the sprawl.

BTW 2, I wouldn't say that because MMAers don't use it it's not viable. How long did the spinning backfist take to come into MMA? And since that's been used for a long time in Muay Thai which has always had a crossover into MMA, and taekwondo which is a starting block for a lot of US martial artists, why did it take so long? Plus, how often do aikidoists practice their aiki in an MMA format, and how often do MMAers think, 'Ah, I just must take aiki to pick up their famous shoot defences!'... ? Not so common a cross over I don't think...
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