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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I agree with Chris on the vulnerability of this guard pass. It did however make me finally get off my backside (well actually in this case stay on it) and get realplayer so I could check out some of the aikidog clips, which I've been meaning to do.
Interesting, it was better than I expected. However the grappling, particularly the groundfighting, doesn't look particularly "Aikido" as opposed to BJJ. And where it does look different it looks a little vulnerable. for example the upright seiza you mentioned is a basic base to get postiion in someones guard. Delucia had his hands on ukes hips which is all good, but the difference from the standard in guard posture I'm used to seeing is he didn't have the other hand on the chest - which stops uke sitting up to strike/choke/lock.
I'm not saying this lack of "aikidoisation" is a bad thing. I've asked before why people think it's necessary to get a specifically aikido solution to groundfighting when there's a perfectly good solution that follows aiki principals all ready out there in BJJ. I think Jason maybe goes to too much trouble to try and explain BJJ type movements in aikido language and that may be one of the reasons some people find his posts confusing.
On video though he is much more clear and has peaked my interest enough to download a bunch of his stuff from the site. Hell anyone who's prepared to stand in front of a room full of large strapping policemen and say "who wants to wrestle" has something to offer.

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