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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Hi, I know Rob's teacher as I practice in the same organisation, albeit at the other end of our crowded island. Firstly can I say that I really enjoyed your article, and that I agree with the contents. I'd like to just add that I'm very new to the Aikiweb Forum ( first posting! ). So a bow as I enter the on-line world of discussion. Secondly, I am happy to report to you that much of what you call for in your article I find in the organisation that Rob and I practice in. Although the gender percentages in the organisation may not be exactly 50/50 there seems to be no advantage to being male of female when it comes to achieving high rank. So I am not that surprised that there is not more about Sensei Aitkinhead on the website, as her role in Aikido is as a teacher, the fact that she is a woman seems to me to be irrelevant.

More power to the women I say, I've enjoyed every practice I've had with both men and women young and old. One of the most satisfying aspects of Aikido is that it can be practiced by all, it is available to everyone. When practicing non dissension, physical size, strength and gender should cease to be relevant. An area where women seem to have a slight advantage in learning is that unlike some of the men, they know using strength is just not an option, so they often explore the avenues of blending and mental focus being offered to them, somewhat sooner than their male counterparts.

I guess I will now try to figure out which button to push to post this reply


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