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Re: To sutemi, or not to sutemi

So what I suppose I really want to know now is did Osensei practice any, or teach any to other students i.e. Saito or his son?
My understanding is that many of the Yoseikan sutemi come from a specific jujutsu ryu practiced by its I doubt they were taught as part of the original Daito ryu or even the later aikido curriculumn per se...

As well as wanting to know if any of the judo background schools still practice them i.e. Tomiki and Yoshinkan, or if they ever did?
I have been shown some in various schools including Yoshinkan, but I really don't know how prominent or official a place they have. Perhaps they are more prominent in what teachers like Amos Parker demonstrate...he for instance, tends to show an older style with a wider variety of ground techniques and pinning techniques. Steven????


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