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Re: New Feature: AikiWeb AikiWiki!

I've always thought that anecdotes about O Sensei are really great. I think the Wiki offers an opportunity to collate them and attribute sources while some of those people who trained with O Sensei are still around.

There are some great stories that appear in books by O Sensei's deshi that would be a good starting point. I'm thinking of stuff like Shioda's recollection of O Sensei dodging bullets. I've read some good ones by Roy Suenaka in his book and IIRC there are some in Saotome's book(s).

I'm sure that in addition to these there are all sorts of stories that have been told by teachers to students but never written down. Now's the chance.

We might have to ask permission from authors to take copyrighted material from books.

How about it Jun?

More importantly, where do we put it on the wiki?

Mike Haft
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