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Re: Competition in Aikido

Owen Matchim wrote:
I was under the impression that we were supposed to blend with situations, to achieve harmony.
Yes but we are mainly talking about training methods. At the start of the day Aikido is a martial art...what you have made of it by the end of the day is up to you.

Owen Matchim wrote:
But as for competition to curb egos, what about the guy that comes out on top? I doubt that'll deflat an ego and probably do the opposite...
...So when it boils down to it, who cares where you'd rank in your dojo, it's a personal development where the only competetion should be against oneself.
What ego? Who has ego problems?

If I may add...there does seem to be a problem of implication here. (Not necessarily in your posts, Owen)

It seems to be implied that anyone taking part in 'competition' has ego issues. And by extension it is being implied that people who do not take part in 'competition' do not have any ego issues.

Thus the argument has seperated randori/competitive training as part of an organised system to improve your ability in the art and made it about flawed character, desire for trophies, outranking others and indeed a pecking order.

To make it more plain...the arguments (sic) given here against this kind of training are of a personal nature regarding the practitioners, not technical.

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