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Re: Competition in Aikido

Peter Rehse wrote:
If Uke is far more exhausted than Tori after a series of moves - who is doing all the work?
This is part of my concern about 'non-competitive' aikido. (Not that I have concerns, I am just taking part in this thread.)

Every martial artist trains technically, works on posture, awareness and so on...but the dramatic drop in ability that comes from stress-based exhaustion opens up our flaws in a few minutes, allowing our trainers to see our real needs in training.

This is not to say that one needs to spar, spar, spar, run, run, run.

One needs to know that when exhausted, our posture, composure, awareness and so on do not succumb to the natural instincts of folding over, dropping to the ground, being weak to the corners, grabbing and so on.

Is this partly what Shioda meant when he said 'paying their dues' ?

Building up from a strong base of composure under pressure not only gives us a strong foundation but it also allows us to more easily see openings in our partners - and allows us to see the natural progression of exhaustion in others which leads to stress and loss of control in their normal lives. And allows us to help them because we have overcome that.

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