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Re: New Feature: AikiWeb AikiWiki!

Thanks Jun,

I've made the proposed changes, and will happily contribute without asking permission in future

Jun Akiyama wrote:
It seems as though Ruth is saying that the BAB has "sub"-organizations within it that does not "report" to Aikikai
Yes, this is correct. The BAB reports to Sport England, which is a UK government sub-department of the ministry of Sport and Culture (or whatever it's called these days!). Its main responsibilities are to provide information about Aikido of all styles in the UK, to arrange insurance cover for clubs, teachers and students, and to provide instructor training at all levels (teaching us how to teach!) in the form of coach courses. It also handles complaints and disputes. Once per year it organises a large multi-styles seminar open to all Aikido students in the UK, taught by different instructors representing the different styles.

Individual organisations belonging to the BAB may or may not have their own affiliation with the hombu of their style, but this is considered to be their own affair and is nothing to do with the BAB.

Hope this clears up any confusion!

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