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Re: Competition in Aikido

Wynand van Dyk wrote:
In Aikido, because of the lack of competition in most schools, there is no official "pecking-order" based off of skill, often this manifests as a competition for who can brown-nose sensei the most, who stays the latest and practices the "hardest" etc... The lack of clearly defined skill levels between ranks often comes up in the much maligned passive-aggressive behaviour of Aikidoka. There is no need for this kind of behaviour in a truly "non competitive art".
I've never seen this problem. In all of the dojos I have trained at I could/can easily tell who was better than me and who wasn't as good. If you need a trophy to tell you that you might be missing the whole point.

Seeing who is better day in and day out seems to be a lot better way to "curb the ego" - if that's what you want - than any competition. It also inspires one to become better...every day.

Just a thought...


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