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Re: Need Picture of O-Sensei doing Jo Trick

Bummer. I thought I was going to be the big hero! Oh well. I'll try to get in touch with Donna Winslow sensei and see if I can get her pictures (or at least determine the orientation of the push).

I have made some progress in the area of being able to do things like this trick myself. I got some insight to your thoughts on this by watching the videos you sent me a while back. The main thing that I learned since then was that I really needed to correct some minor posture problems and concentrate on lengthening and widening instead of thinking about directly resisting the push on my arm. I am not immovable - but I'm a whole lot more solid and difficult to move in those weird positions than ever before.

A wonderful guy in NYC named Soon Li was able to help me understand how to think about my stance which also helped a lot. There are really some great resources in aikido. I really hope you make some further break-thoughs and share them with us!

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