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Mike Sigman
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Re: Breathing Exercise and Meditation

Charles Hill wrote:
Yes, but our shihan only explains it once a year at the yearly koushukai. I seriously doubt people are paying attention. So when we do the exercise during warmups, I have noticed that most aren`t doing it correctly. So maybe the answer to your question is also no.

While sitting seiza, we reach up with both arms, streching up and breathing in. We make fists and bring the arms down to where our fists are about to our ears, holding the breath, and focusing on our lower abdomen. Then we breathe out while lowering our hands.

I`d say our style is pretty conservative Aikikai Honbu.
I'd say that functionally, that type of qigong is probably the most effective and the most common of the pressure gongs. You have to know how to contain it, though, and how to focus on what is being stretched and pressurized. The only quibble I'd have with that type of gong is that, in my opinion, it would be better to do it standing so that you could add a slight squat and pressurize the legs. Legs are the hardest to develop the ki.


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