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Re: belt test results

Originally posted by Michell Knight
Thanks for all the encouragement! I'll be glad to return the favor!!
KAMI : Since you liked it so much, there goes some advice for your future shodan test :
1) Scratch Sensei's eyeglasses before the examination. He won't be able to see a thing and thus will be afraid to commit an injustice;
2) Take Jennifer Lopez, in shorts, to sit in seiza in front of Sensei (do not scratch his eyeglasses!);
3) Explain to Sensei how much you do love and respect him and about the magnificent eletronic equipment you intend to give him as an expontaneous gift (before the exam, of course!);
4) Pay for your exam (Essential!);
5) Buy a beautiful island for Sensei and give it to him, BEFORE the exam;
6) Commit Seppuku in front of the Examiners' Board. They'll be astounded and you'll be a "late" yudansha;
7) Explain to Sensei that you will not make the examination because you just discovered that you have an incurable cancer that will take you soon for a meeting with O-Sensei. Trust his compassion;
8) Go with two crutches and an eye-cover to do the exam. If questioned (and, believe me, you will be!), say that you suffered a severe accident but your giri demands that you do the examination anyway. Go limping to your place. Sensei will be impressed and will consider this in your evaluation;
9) Explain to your Sensei, in private, that your parents have a severe cardiopathy and that their lives depend on your passing the examination; and, above all else,
10) Have faith in god's mercy!
P.S. By the way, is your teacher's teacher's teacher, BERNIE LAU Sensei?

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