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Re: Competition in Aikido

I agree with most of the original post, but not all of the conclusions you jumped to.

If you want to compete I'm all for it. Here is the competition I purpose:

We get as many sets of identical twins as are willing to participate. They have to to have similar ability in martial arts (meaning that if we find that Endo sensei has an identicle twin brother who never trainined aikido in his life, we can use that set of twins only if I get Endo sensei for my team!).

Now, we each get one member of each set of twins to train. I'll train them in a cooperative model and you train them using all of the competition that you want. We can do this for as long as you like.

When you say you are ready, we'll get together. We require that they all wear the same dogis and keep their hair cuts the same so that there is no way to distinguish which one is from which training methodology. We get a third party dojo to attack them all as hard as they like in any basic waza.

Those third party uke-s get to decide which training methodology works best.

The prise:
The loser, agrees to change what they had been "utterly and completely convinced" of what O-sensei's notion competition is.

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