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Mike Sigman
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Re: Need Picture of O-Sensei doing Jo Trick

Rob Liberti wrote:
Hi Mike,

Great question. I would love to see any pictures of that trick myself! I thought I saw that on one of those old videos of O-sensei.

Donna Winslow sensei had a series of pictures (like where you could flip through them and kind of watch a low quality movie) of some _other_ aikido sensei doing that trick. I have no idea what the orientation of these pictures are but I always wanted to see them.

I think I can do the trick too as long as just one of the ukes pulls instead of pushes!


Hi Rob:

This one shows uke's pushing from the back direction. I'm looking for one pushing from the front:

The trick is not that hard to do.... the question is doing it well.

If you know of anyone with the picture (I think only one person is pushing IIRC), please let me know.

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