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Re: Where's the hara?


That is a nice little blurb on having the center (which "sensei" said that?), but I was refering to something I read on your site about aikido being the reconciliation of all paradoxes, or something like that. It was well said and I can't do it justice.

I comment on it here, because that is how I see "center" too. Center exhists between unification and separation, between tension and release, between moving and rest, and between holding in and pushing out. Also, if you model your aikido technique after the kotodama (like O-sensei), then you never stop expanding during aikido technique. Since your arms (etc.) have physical limited to how much they can lengthen, to continually expand, you have to continually move your center (and consequently uke's center) to allow this to happen. I have a lot more work/research to do in this area!

David, please keep up the good writing!

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