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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:
What the hell are we doing, as female budoka?
What more can we do?
What helps us survive and evolve?
How can instructors cultivate female budoka, objectively?
Great questions Emily

As a female, all I can do is to keep training. I will not give up. I have trained with men who believed that women should not be in the dojo - this just made me even more determined to continue!

What we can do is to encourage other women to train. Some women like to be the only female in the dojo, and discourage other women (the perceived competition) from training there. This attitude is despicable and ruinous, and incredibly short-sighted. Please don't do it ladies.

What helps us to survive and evolve is the support and encouragement of other good people, male and female. And a certain degree of dogged determination

Instructors have to make their dojo accessible for women. They have to care about us and our progress, and make sure that nobody tries to discourage us or sideline us. A dojo led this way will have a healthy population of male and female students who are respectful to each other and train well.

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