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raul rodrigo
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Re: I think I'm done with Aikido

[quote=Michael Riehle]

...the tone of the thread starter kind of bugs me too.

It's hard to put my finger on exactly what bugs me, but the word pretentious was used in regard to one of his detractors. It's close to the correct word for our buddy anon. I hope he didn't intend to sound that way, but it kind of felt like he might have.

I know what you mean. There was a slight implication that aikido had failed him somehow, that it just wasnt good enough to hold his attention. I don't know if he actually feels that or he meant that and I should not presume. But I suppose that (unintended?) implication was what could have triggered the more negative responses that he got.

For my part, I wish him well. If another art works for him, well and good. I'm all for crosstraining and grappling.
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