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Re: Article: Appropriate Force by "The Mirror"

[quote=Lan Powers]
My youngest daughter is the mirror image of this wonderful and talented girl, Kelsey, her name is Tonya. When Tonya was a small girl of 3, I was heavily involved with the SCA. At our very first event, she was wearing fake fur from top to bottom, I cannot sew and it was easy, The King who was in his 2nd reign made a comment about the "cute little girl in bunny furs" and commented she was a little which Tonya, in Kelsey style, threw her hand on her hip and told His Majesty she was in no way a barbarian and her name was TONYA. It does indeed look like the drawing of a sword and can have an equally sharp edge. Let me assure you, she at the age of 21 has NEVER blended with any attack but entered and found to be a worthy opponent. Don't worry, it is nice to know there are young women in the world that can take care of themselves and others as well.

And actually, her way ends up being nicer than mine after all. I stew and fret about what I should do, making a molehill into a tremendous deal and Kelsey just handles whatever's there and it's over, no hard feelings.
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