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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Without wanting to sound patronizing, I had an excellent training session last night, mostly due to being able to train with one of the few 3rd dan women in our dojo. I remarked to her after practice, that she was still helping me with the same thing I had trouble with in a class of her's six years ago (pivoting to a pin after applying nikajo).

This certainly isn't true across the board, but I'd have to say some of my best training has been with partners who happened to be female. Something about the nature of the interation that is often different. I've even known couples who train and teach together, and I wouldn't train with the man to save my life, but the woman would be high on the list.

I guess it still sounds patronizing after all...but anyway, thanks for training with us apes, and occationally actually getting something through our thick skulls...

Ron Tisdale
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