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Re: bokken vs bokken?

Eric Simmons wrote:
(This may belong in the technique forum, but as it relates primarily to the bokken, I'm posting it here.)
Is this typical in an aikido cirriculum or is this some element of kenjutsu or iado that my dojo has incorporated into the bokken cirriculum? If it is typical in an aikido cirriculum, what is the purpose? I would guess simply to build a foundation in bokken use but I'm curious what you think/know. If there is any reading on this, feel free to redirect me. I'm very curious!
My opinion:
Typical is not something I would necessarily connect with all the various styles of aikido. Common may be a better choice of words. Weapons practice in some form is common in certain styles/organizations and rare in others. The depth of weapons training also varies considerable from a few patterns to extensive systems.

What do you get? Again in my opinion:
1. Weapons help train footwork, distancing and appreciation for angles during attack situations.
2. They also help understand the derivation of many techniques.
3. I also feel weapons help with body/arm coordination and timing as well.
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