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Re: I think I'm done with Aikido

Lynn Seiser wrote:
I once asked, what do you do if someone lets go of the grab. The answer was, there is no attack so move on.

If he has made his choice, which is his right, why are we still holding hold. What in us will not accept that different people think differently, decide differently, and make different choices?

IMHO, it depends the goals you set. Once you meet those goals, you have outgrown the pursuit and move on or you set new and higher goals and move on. It sounds like for his needs and wants, once met, he has outgrown his need for Aikido.
Good points. And I'm one to talk -- Back in the '80s, I dropped out of Aikido after only two years, although not for the same reasons Anon had.

That said, a couple of things he said bugged me, and I covered them in my original post. You have good points, but I hope you see where I'm coming from here.
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