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Re: I think I'm done with Aikido

Well that is a huge assumption - reeking of pretension.
Peter, I didn't mean to sound pretentious when I said that it sounds as if he has made up his mind (I'm assuming that's what you meant--am I right?). It sounds like Anonymous isn't getting what he wants to out of Aikido anymore. That means that one some level he's probably already decided to find something more satisfying. As a matter of fact, he has said that he is unmotivated and that he is "inches away from quitting". Also, since he has already taken a more motivated interest in grappling arts, it looks like he has made up his mind. My belief that he has made up his mind is based entirely on things that Anonymous has said and is not an assumption at all, just a conclusion. Maybe I am wrong, but please try and see my point.
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