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Re: I think I'm done with Aikido

I'm stunned at some of the responses. Anon has come on to give us information we rarely get, an explanation of why someone that's trained beyond the beginner stage suddenly no longer shows up. His reasons make sense, we've all been through lulls in our training so it can't be that hard to extrapolate to the position he finds himself in.
And then we hear people telling him that his decision to try another art, to try his hand at sparring, to widen his journey beyond what he started at means he needs to grow up?? It is implied that he is too focused on glory and trophies and is somehow deficient because his path is not our path? He never claimed that his reasons for leaving was because he thinks he's completed the system, just that he feels he personally has got what he needed from it, and yet he gets slammed for leaving so soon (2 years is not that soon). And told in what I read to be a snide tone that he will get injured and broken in another art.

I'll tell ya, if I was new to aikido some of these responses would have turned me right off. Pretentious, superior, condescending nonesense.

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