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Re: bokken vs bokken?

Eric, I don't see anything strange in the fact that what you saw was training twin-bokken and that the katta ended with a kill-strike. First of all, a sword is meant to fight against another sword. If you train with a sword only against unarmed oponents, it's harder to understand many things, including distancing and timing. Secondly, kata ends with a kill-strike, because no matter what senseis or anyone tell you, no matter what beautiful words any arguments about peace, self-betterment, etc. are wrapped in, the art of the sword is the art of killing. A sword is a deadly weapon. Otherwise it's a stick. All twin-katas I've seen end with a killing strike. Because it's a logical ending of a sword-fight which the kata to some degree imitates (Well it sure doesn't imitate sandwich eating...). I wouldn't see the point of learning to fight with a bokken without learning how to fight against another bokken.
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