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Re: I think I'm done with Aikido

Janet Rosen wrote:
I am not him, but sometimes in my life I have been a serious beginner in (insert whatever) for months or years, and realized that I'd gotten from it *what I could at that time*, that it was no longer compelling to me or speaking to me and it was time to move on.
To me and perhaps only me, if you truly connect with an art it will always speak to you. But, that may just be me. I first tried karate and then some tae kwon do. They didn't connect. Then I stumbled across aikido. Even though I was initially only able to train for a short time in the beginning, 15 years later it still connected with me and I returned-never to leave again. The reason I did not train was due to school and family issues not because the art was not appealing. Although I've been lambasted for this statement before, some arts are not simply suited for some people.
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