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Re: Nice Video...

How does the saying go? "Let he/she who has a video throw the first stone."

Sounds like lots of good comments to improve for video 2. Its often hard to perform on camera, and even harder when the action is not choreographed. It's tough to do picture-perfect aikido all of the time. I am not condoning bad technique because it looks better on film, but it's tough to make aikido look good on film.

I think there are definitely some techniques and sequences you'll want to revisit, but congratulations for putting something "in writing." I find a lot of aikido people tend to stay away from exposure (criticism perhaps?). This includes anything that can be used against them. I remember seeing my shodan tape and saying "what is that crap?". I am very self-conscious of myself and my aikido, and its tough to do something that exposes it to criticism. You have a great work-in-progress and I hope to continue to improve the video.
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