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Re: Nice Video...

Jun Akiyama wrote:
To jump in here, I do not think the video is Julio Toribio sensei. Yes, I've trained with him, too...
-- Jun
I was going to say also that it is not Julio Toribio Sensei. I can't remember if I trained with him, but I have certainly talked to him face to face and watched his demos at the Aiki-Expo. That's not him in the video.

Regardless of what you think the quality of the aikido is in the video, I think it's a smart idea to have video like that for marketing.

I am more interested in learning where this organization comes from ?
the teacher appears to be a Karateka pushing Ki healing for cancer.
there is no information on Aikido lineage or who actually is the aikido teacher(s) that I could find on the website.

to quote from website
"1973 : At age 30, he founded International Ryokukai Karatedo , a new karate style based on the best of what he had discovered through his study of a variety of karate styles, plus Aikido and Iaido.
1984 : Niikura came to the USA and in the process moved the home dojo of international Ryokukai to Sterling Heights Michigan."

Anybody know anything about Katsumi Niikura ?

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