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Re: Nice Video...

As far as the video goes, it was good and bad in many respects:

Film quality was fair and showed everything well.
Good direction as far as camara angles, the flow of one sequence to the next.
Captured the audiences attention and maintained it. (imho)
Had a good variety of ranks and skills to use (hand and weapons techniques)

Much of the ukemi was poor. At one point I saw someone do a full flip and land on his hands and knees.
Harsh technique. Iriminage that lifted people up and turned them upside down? I'd like to see the landing on that one.
Over dramatized: I think much of what was demonstrated was for effect more than for instruction or proper technique.
Word usage wasn't met well with the video at one point. "Aikido is Love." and then it move on to uke's being slammed around, again more for effect, imo. Needed to better explain where the "love" was/is.

It was good and it was bad. I like the fact that it was done and people are working to get Aikido more widely known in the world. I did a search for M.A.T.E. productions but could find nothing on them. (yet) There was an american flag on the wall in the background, so we can assume this to be an american instructor and dojo, but I wouldn't dare try to name the instructor. I don't think anyone else has said definitivly, "That is Sensei Soandso", so no disrespect should be intended toward any specific person, also imho.

Overall: take from it what you will and leave the rest. Everyone will react differently and we can't take that personally.

Have a good day!

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