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Re: Nice Video...

Just an observation...last time someone posted a video demo of Aikido on the Aikiweb, a very similar type of thread developed in which some people started harshly criticizing the technique shown and the people performing in it. The thread devolved into a tirade of those people who believed the Aikido wasn't up to their own (nebulous) standards and those defending the people on the video. As was observed can't judge someone's Aikido quality from a couple of minutes of video. What is the point of making negative comments about what someone out there is doing. If you really want to make some constructive comments, then do so...but simply saying that everything someone is doing is wrong without actually experiencing them personally, is nothing but an indication of your own there some reason someone should feel it necessary to berate what another is doing? does this make you feel better about what you yourself are doing or somehow validate what you feel is the "correct" or superior way of doing things by saying another is "incorrect" or "inferior"? What you say about someone else often times says more about yourself.

But then again I could be wrong

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