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Re: New Feature: AikiWeb AikiWiki!

Hi Rob,

That's part of the interesting part about Wikis. As they are "open" repositories, it's up to us in the community to watch over the information and improve upon them when we can. So, we, the AikiWeb community itself, serve as the "fact checker." I would hope that should you list your one year old son as an uchideshi to the founder, someone would go and correct that information. There is always the option of reverting to an older revision of a page by loading up the older revision, copying its page source, and then using that to undo changes.

As only AikiWeb members are allowed to edit the AikiWiki, it will be quite easy to shut down people's accounts if they misbehave too much.

Thanks, by the way, to everyone who has contributed. I see that there have already been a lot of new pages and information!


-- Jun

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