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bokken vs bokken?

(This may belong in the technique forum, but as it relates primarily to the bokken, I'm posting it here.)

I just observed testing for the first time at my dojo this evening. I noticed that some of the higher ranks were doing bokken-vs-bokken techniques, where the uke was armed as well as the nage. As a beginner typically in a class for beginners, I've only seen the bokken used in solo kata or with an armed uke and unarmed nage where the technique ended in typical aiki fashion. However, these techniques, as I recall, usually ended with a strike to the neck or shoulder, which of course would hypothetically kill the uke.

As the testing session was going on late, I left during 10-minute recess and held my questions for later, so now I pose this inquiry to you all. Is this typical in an aikido cirriculum or is this some element of kenjutsu or iado that my dojo has incorporated into the bokken cirriculum? If it is typical in an aikido cirriculum, what is the purpose? I would guess simply to build a foundation in bokken use but I'm curious what you think/know. If there is any reading on this, feel free to redirect me. I'm very curious!
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